U N I T E  to  S A V E  A M E R I C A

"The Middle Ground Party"

 The strategy of the Middle Ground Party is to aggressively address what we see as the critical issues affecting American happiness.  To do this, however, we must first modify the current political system and restructure Congress. 

I.   Government Restructure - To stop greed and power mongering

   - - - Term Limits, Senate, House of Representatives, Justices

    - - - Salaries, Pensions, Benefits to be more in line with the average American worker

    - - - Monitored Transparency

II.  The Basic Four - To make what everyone needs, available

    - - - National Food Assistance Program

    - - - National Housing Assistance Program

    - - - National Healthcare Program

    - - - National Education Program

III. Jobs and Business - To keep America prosperous

    - - - Infrastructure Rebuild

    - - - Phase out of the H1B Visa Program

    - - - Viable Minimum Wage, Equal Work / Equal Pay

​    - - - Energy, Agriculture, and Manufacturing Initiatives

    - - - Entrepreneurship Programs

IV. The Financial Plan - More money in everyone's pocket

    - - - Personal and Business Tax Restructure

    - - - The New Social Security Program

​    - - - The Internal Revenue Service, Redefined




                   Done !

Please check in regularly as we add the full details behind our Platform.

"I predict future happiness for Americans if they can prevent the government from wasting the labors of the people under the pretense of taking care of them."

Thomas Jefferson