Unite to Save America, Inc.


Board of Directors


Vice President 

Janet Bulgin

Marlene Bayon


Vice President‚Äč

Mark Pagano


President / C.E.O


Warren Dietz

Unite to Save America, Inc.

Supporters of the

Middle Ground Party

is a

New Jersey based

Non-Profit Corporation

Warren brings more than 22 years of senior management experience, first as Chief Financial Officer then as President and Chief Executive Officer of a specialty insurance syndicate based in New York.  Warren is a registered Journalist with the United States Press Agency, and is a Notary Public in the State of New Jersey.

Mark has more than 25 years experience in photography and videography, is an accomplished musician, and a member of the International Freelancer Photographer Association.  Mark is a graduate of the Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

Marlene is a Foreign Pharmacist from the Philippines where in addition to working as a Pharmacist in the Philippine Army, taught 3rd and 4th year Pharmacy students at a prestigious college.  Marlene spent 8 years in a retail pharmacy environment here in the United States and most recently has joined one of the most prestigious hospitals on the east coast.


Vice President 

Janet brings more than 22 years experience in the field of Human Resources and has served the last 14 years as Director of Human Resources for a specialty insurance company based in New York.  Janet is a Notary Public in the State of New Jersey.

"The Middle Ground Party"

U N I T E  to  S A V E  A M E R I C A